SOCI 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Media Studies, Concentration Of Media Ownership, Mass Media

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10 Aug 2016
Jan 30
Dysfunction of the media
-24 hour new cycle from multiple sources
-we become numb and apathetic. Lose interest because of large number of reporting on one subject,
Conflict theory
-struggle over scarce resources
-people of political power, large corporations have more benefit
Mass media and economic inequality
-media is a source of cultural values. Those who are in charge can influence the messages being sent out
and thus create news that is to their advantage.
Media consolidation
-there are only a small number of owners in media. This allows only for a small and less divers message.
These corporations have the somewhat of the same message and goals and so we keep getting the same
Dominant ideology
-corporations will choose not to report some stories that go against their views and goals
Media Bias
-journalists and news anchors are trained to focus on specific type of news and if they divert from this
model they are punished
-select only small blips of a huge story to shape it to your liking. (ex: if there is a protest, show clips of
violent protesters even though it was largely peaceful)
-a strong example. Fox News, who support right wing politics, didn’t support Ron Paul because of his
policies on his foreign affairs and so often left him out of conversations.
-used to promote one narrative over another. Giving news on an event and only showing certain aspects
of it to change the impact it gives
Representation in mainstream media
-different groups of people are portrayed in different manners
-dominant ideologies often lead to stereotypes.
-reinforcing gender roles and stereotypes subtly
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