SOCI 2445 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Crown Attorney

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11 Aug 2016
2445 SOCI
Sept 15
Social Responses to deviant behaviour
-how does behaviour transition from being labelled deviant, criminal or normal
-rules do not apply equal across every person. Some groups are targeted more than others
-knowledge of the law is an important asset to have when encountering members of the community
who represent the state
-deviance has latent functions: clarifying social rules. When someone challenges the rules they are
-social rules are clarified when deviant acts are committed
-Deviance also maintains social rules. People can challenge social rules politically or legally.
-your label defines who you are; it shapes and molds your behaviour.
-deviance clarifies rules.
-deviance provides a safety valve. People are allowed to do certain deviant behaviour in a certain
context. Deviance relieves tension and provides solidarity.
-deviance promotes boundary maintenance and helps integrate the society. When something deviant
happens, it lets people know how far the boundaries can be pushed.
-deviance and scapegoating: Using a certain weaker/deviant group in society as a “scapegoat” for a
social problem
-Deviance raises the value of conformity. People see how deviant people are punished and ostracized
and want to avoid the negative reaction.
-Deviance serves as an early warning system.
Deviance Vs Crime
-Not all crimes are deviant. Not all deviance is criminal.
-Crime is a violation of a social norm. It is formalized in law.
-Deviance is a violation of informal norm.
Categories of Deviant behaviour
-A conformist can be deviant. Simply because others around you can be non-conformist.
-Falsely accused deviant. Wrongful Convictions.
-Secret deviant. Someone who lives a secret life of deviance (cross dressers, prostitutes etc..)
-Pure Deviant. Readily admits his deviance.
Rules and Their Enforcement
-Someone needs to lead by example
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