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29 Mar 2012
Lecture 3: Evidence Based Crime Policy
January 24, 2012
Evidence Based Crime Policy
Organized in England
Feb 2000- US, Campbell association.
Scientific research has been the bases for moving forward
identify through research what works and what does not work. DARE does not reduce the use of
drugs from young people
SCARED STRAIGHT program- take people into institutions such as jails where they are
introduced to inmates and they think that they will be scared straight however they look at them
as role models instead
why do we fund these programs? Because we believe in these programs
Ignorance, apathy, anursha, cost
Crime Control Ideology:
Conservative Perspective
very into rules and
punishment has a place,
Criminals choose to offend, therefore they choose to get punishment
Justice system believes in deterrence
Emphasize the rules of criminal law
Reduce serious crime if we get tough on criminals
Reduce crime if we release police, give them more power
Swifter, more certain punishment
Lock up more criminals, longer time and for more reasons
No barriers from preventing us from doing our jobs
Liberal Perspective
Advocates of rehabilitation
optimistic view that peoples behaviours can be changed
collective society that holds the key
Emphasize the rules of criminal procedure
unchecked government power leads to anarchy
Lecture 4
January 31 2012
Duties of Policing
Police Act
1. Crime Prevention
2. Law enforcement
3. Assistance to victims of crime
4. Private order maintenance
5. Response to Emergencies
Police need to have knowledge of...
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