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23 Apr 2012
Lecture 10
David Daubney
Disproportionate impact on aboriginal community
Bring the attention of parliamentarians
When looking at the landscape there is a huge number of people suffering from mental health
issues, addictions, fetal alcoholic syndromes
Community care to allow young people to live a reasonable life
Conditional Sentencing part of Canada’s balance approach to violent offenders, community
alternatives to something else
Offence cannot carry a mandatory penalty
Judge must be convinced that public safety will not be threatened if given conditional sentence
Cannot be used for personal emergency
Conditional sentences are longer than custodial sentencing
Cost for the loss of CSO will be 135 million 8 million at federal level
Lorraine Parsons
Smart justice network new group following concerns of C10
Formed 8 months ago by small number of people across the country who have a lot of
experience in the CJS in Canada
More people in prison, longer sentencing, hard to get out.
Chair committee of 18 people
Prison sentence as a safety within our communities
Reasons why prison is not the right solution for safety
Prison is necessary in confining people in some settings
Focusing on narrow issue and measuring it in prison years
Formed a network across Canada to make solid information accessible and encourage public
meeting and community groups.
Offering to help find speakers; provide information and resources to inform people of what is
going on in their communities
Criminal justice services have a ripple effect on the community
Irvin Waller
31% of victims in the country report crimes
Violence in the country in property crimes = 50 billion in tangible costs
3% of victims will be unlucky enough to get there case into a court room
Federal prison population is dropping
Provincial prison is increasing
Harper & McGuinty are worried about deficits
To make a difference about crime one has to manage it
Reduce victimization by 50%
Crime prevention Ottawa
1. Balance between reaction and prevention
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