SOCI 2450 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Domestic Violence, Public Health, Meta-Analysis

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9 Aug 2016
SOCI 2450
Feb 5
Crime prevention
-family based violence increases odds of committing crime
Family violence
-a range of abusive behaviours that occur within a relationship based on kinship
-just when children watch abuse, and aren’t subject to violence, they are still more prone to be
-one of the key causes of homelessness
-1 every 6 days a woman is murdered by spouse in Canada
-for aboriginals the number is exponentially higher
Call to action
-canada has ratified convention on the rights of the child in 91.
Developmental crime prevention
-children who are subject to drugs while in the womb they are more prone to become drug dependant
-interventions to prevent
-risk and protective factors
-*risk factor predicts an increased probability of later offending.
-*protective factors: conditions that counter risk factors or increase resistance to them
-not everyone exposed to risk factor commits crime, just increase odds
-protective factors include family income, size of house, social status
-longitudinal study on exam
-prospective longitudinal study means the study is done prior to the offending.
-they should examine risk factors before, during and after study.
-studies look at start of offending, continuation of offending,
Cambridge study
-started with kids 6-8 yrs old.
-majority white two parent fams
-sample is not systematically drawn from pop
-interviewed 9 times
-follow up interviews in adultshood assess criminal career and lfe success
-1/5 were young offenders
-40% of adults convicted
-poor supervision at age 8= 61% offenders. They were convicted for an offence up to age 50. Only 36%
of those who had good supervision had an offence.
-erratic discipline predicts delinquent acts.
-harsh and cold/rejecting attitude at age 8 predicts offending up to age 50
-lower reinforcement= risk of convictions doubled.
- Parents parental conflict and exposure to violence is risk factor for violent offending
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find more resources at
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