SOCI 3410 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Dysfunctional Family, Intellectual Disability, Structural Inequality

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2 Aug 2016
SOCI 3410
Nov 21
Developmental Crime Prevention
-high anti social, low social economical levels, dysfunctional families and academic difficulty-risk factors
-targets very young children between 0-7
-criminal activity is learned during a child’s development
-Research indicates that interventions with you children and parents have positive effects on: poor
parenting, cognitive deficits and socially disruptive behaviour.
Inadequate parenting
-associated with delinquent behaviour
-parental training and skill building during prenatal, post-birth and during first year are important
-the longer the interventions the more lasting the effects are
Cognitive Deficits
-profound mental retardation with minimal functioning to mild impairment in specific operations
-ex: learning disabilities, language disorders, hyper activity, ADHD.
-need to help children on how to cope with disease
-two types of prevention: preventing the disease from ever happening and helping children cope with
the disease
-these deficits are linked to criminal behaviour.
-intervention includes: day care, special learning, social skills training, medication, parent education
-complementary intervention: pre and post birth parent training to foster better caring behaviour +
specialized day care program.
-Perry pre school Program and COW in Edmonton are good examples of long term intervention on
cognitive abilities
Socially Disruptive Behaviour
-leads to more anti social behaviour
-the most accurate risk factor for criminal behaviour
-usually lots of problems at schools
Recent Canadian Programs
-Otawa Early intervention project: focus on high risk 6-12 in social housing in Ottawa. Kids are reached
via sports and recreation opportunities which were added on-going support programs, homework clubs
-recreation in combination with other support programs has been seen as effective.
-youth behaviour improved at the centre and at home.
-its important to faciliatate language translation and offer programs that are culturally relevant to
theresidents of the community
-Five healthy families project
find more resources at
find more resources at
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