SOCI 3410 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Community Practice, Christian Philosophy, Genetic Disorder

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2 Aug 2016
SOCI 3410
Oct 10
Risk Factors
-individual (gender, age, physiological characteristics, beliefs, attitudes, IQ)
-family (harsh punishment, abuse, ineffective punishment, neglect, lack of involvement, parental
criminality, domestic violence)
-school (low involvement, low academic grades, social failure, poor administrative support,
-peer factors (peer rejection, pro crime friends, discrimination)
-community (poor economic/recreational opportunities, lack of social services, no mentors)
-environmental (negative ideology in society, culture of violence, poverty, racial discrimination, media,
social policy)
-Prenatal (low birth weight, FAS, drugs consumed by mother, post natal addiction, physical disabilities)
-the societal role of the family is to socialize its offspring. If it’s successful then the youth will integrate
successfully in society.
-high criminal background in family is risk factor
Root causes of crime related dysfucniton (abuse, neglects)
-lack of supervision
-lack of parent child development skills
-lack of caring models related
-behaviour problems
-poor grades
-high abseentism
3.poor living environment
-poor housing
-no recreational or social programs
-lack of health and educational facilities
-disintegration of social services
4.peer influence
-deviant peers
-Youth gangs
-drug/alcohol use
5.economic conditions
6.prenatal conditions
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