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Lecture 5

WGST 1808 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Gender Role, Communities First

Women's and Gender Studies
Course Code
WGST 1808
Debra Graham

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Week 5: Gendered violence
Types and Cost of Violence
Facts and stats about Gendered Violence in Canada
-Sexual and physical
Rape Culture
What can you do?
Creative production Assignment
Gendered Violence
Affects people of social location and identities
-Males seen as the abusers
-Females seen as the victims
Represents an abuse of unequal power relations
Is rooted in traditional gender norm
-Females socialized to be passive, polite, and accommodating
-Males socialized to be aggressive, tough, and in control
Types of violence
Psychological Abuse
Constant yelling at someone
Keeping someone from seeing friends or family
Making fun of someone
Controlling them
Threatening them
Making threats to harm other people
Financial Abuse
Falls under criminal/theft
Taking someones money with our permission
Withholding their money
Criminal harassment and stalking
Watching or following someone
Make them feel unsafe: Threat to their loved ones
Failing to provide proper food and clothing
Failing to provideSafe place to live
Falling to give Healthcare, medication, and personal hygiene
Falling to prevent physical harm
Sexual Abuse (Adults)
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