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CHEM 1001 Lecture 7: General chemistry lecture notes

The behaviour of gases Lecture 7: Review: V = (3RTM)Sqrt M1 the bot...

CHEM 1001
Robert Burk
PSYC 2700 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 5 - Computer language, Higgs boson, Psychophysics

Sept 19 Lecture 5 *Prof was asked to clarify about what Emergence i...

PSYC 2700
Robert West
PSYC 2700
Robert West
COMS 2003 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 3 - Consumerism, Gustave Le Bon, Herd mentality

Modernity and its Discontents What is it about communication that l...

Communication and Media Studies
COMS 2003
Ira Wagman
SYSC 2006 Lecture 2: Sysc 2006

Scanned by CamScanner

Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 2006
Lynn Marshall
COMS 3411 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 2 - Adbusters, Network society, Social inequality

Occupy Wall Street Wall streeter: aggressive, intimidating, powerfu...

Communication and Media Studies
COMS 3411
Derek Antoine
FYSM 1310 Lecture 2: FYSM one class stress I

lecture2, stress I Sep 18 Wellbeing: Is a way of living that promot...

First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1310
Dr. Rachel Burns
COMS 3001 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 2 - René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Exploratory data analysis

Science: Why are We Here The starting point of science is human nat...

Communication and Media Studies
COMS 3001
Andre Turcotte
FYSM 1402 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 2 - Fawn Hall, Beauty Revealed, Herstory

Hisstory versus Herstory What is History? Studying the past to shap...

First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1402
PHIL 2306 Lecture 2: September 11 PHIL2306 L

September 11 Lecture 2 PHIL2306 Cannot be a feminist if you believe...

PHIL 2306
Christine Koggel
HIST 2311 Lecture 1: HIST2311 Lecture 1

September 6 Lecture 1 HIST2311A: Prof. William Knight Canadian Envi...

HIST 2311
William Knight
HIST 2311 Lecture 2: September 13th

September 13 th Lecture 2 HIST2311 Terminology Indian A deprecated ...

HIST 2311
William Knight
INDG 2015 Lecture 2: September 14th - INDG

September 14 th LECTURE 2 INDG2015 Knowledge Perception and belief ...

Indigenous Studies
INDG 2015
Veldon Cobourg
MATH 1104
Mohammed Sadeghi
Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
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