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Centennial College

Ryerson University Geography106 Intensive Course QUIZ 1 Intro, Spatial Concepts, Environment Perception This topic list is designed to help you study the PowerPoint for the test. It is not a substitute for studying nor will I entertain complaints that it misguided you! Most of the items on the list below refer to a single PowerPoint slide (text and diagrams). No hidden slides are included in the test unless I told you to review them in class. Some questions will require you to look through 3 or 4 slides in sequence. Most of the list will be almost verbatim titles from the slides or in the text of the slides, and is in rough chronological order. You still have to choose the correct answer from the choices that will be offered in the test and some questionsanswers might span lectures. Note that I normally do not expect you to remember any numbers from data slides except in terms of greater than, less than, increase, decrease etc, unless I mentioned that you need to remember specific data in class. Likewise, I normally do not expect you to remember dates I give you periods and you need to know what went on. Know what the course is about what does it explore? How do we define environment and how many environments are there? Know what the PPlane and CField are and how they work. Know what the ordering of experience means, how it works, and what examples of each step there are. Know what the Wisdom of the Crowd means. Know what the decision making process entails and where certainty and uncertainty come from. Know what types of decision making personality there are. Know Pattisons four traditions of geography. Know what cultural relativity refers to and be able to identify examples. Know to what cognitive filtering refers. Know what the attributes of space, place, and location are. Know to what the term distance decay refers. Be able to and be able to identify examples of the different types of distance. Know which geometric properties of the earth can be preserved when creating a flat map. Know what a Great Circle means and the attributes of the Mercator projection. Know to what the Phanerozoic and the Cambrian explosion refer. How long has Civilised human history been around and when did it start? Know to what the coastline paradox refers. What are the two major conclusions of the butterfly effect? Know what the four types of proxemics distances and the three types of features in proxemics are. Know what cardinal and relative direction is and be able to identify examples. Know the difference between small scale and large scale maps. Why can we adapt chaos theory to the study of natural systems?
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