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Donna Simp.

What are some T/L strategies for each learning style? 1. Discuss the kinds of knowledge that expert nurses possess • Has increased intuition regarding what are important clinical factors and how to respond to these • Engages in practical reasoning • Anticipates and prepares for situations while remaining open to changes • Performs care in “fluid, almost seamless” manner • Bonds emotionally with patients/families depending on their needs • Sees the big picture, including the unexpected • Works both with and through others 2) c. Discuss the impact of different learning styles on client education (How do people learn best?) Visual • Learns best by seeing • Likes to watch demonstrations • Organizes thoughts by writing them down • Needs detail • Looks around; examines situation Auditory • Learns best with verbal instructions • Likes to talk things through • Detail is not as important • Talks about situation and pros and cons Kinetic • Learns best by doing • Hands-on involvement • Needs action and likes to touch, feel • Loses interest with detailed instructions • Tries things out 3. Describe the 3 learning domains; give examples of health teaching for each Cognitive domain: when the client has a knowledge deficit eg. objectives for pt w/recent diagnosis of diabetes would include understanding the disease; the role of diet, exercise, and insulin in diabetic control; and trouble signs that would require immediate attention. -Learning outcomes: having a basic understanding of the disease process & treatment protocols, & being able to apply new information to meet personal health needs.Acertain level of cognitive knowledge is an essential pre- requisite for learning in the affective and psychomotor domains. The information clients and families need related to informed consent falls into the cognitive domain. Cognitive learning formats allow for clarification of information and correction of misinformation that may have been received from other providers, family, friends, or the Internet. Appealing to the cognitive domain, the nurse would provide concrete explicit information verbally, in writing, and/or with related pictures to explain the desired outcome and steps needed to achieve it.Avoid the use of general abstract terms. “You must lose 7 pounds” is better that “you must lose weight” What are some T/L strategies for each learning style? Affective domain:Affective learning concerns expressions of feelings and acceptance of attitudes, opinions, or values eg. values clarification. The simplest behaviour in the affective learning hierarchy is receiving, and the most complex is characterizing. • Receiving: the willingness to attend to another person's words • Responding: active participation through listening and reacting verbally and nonverbally • Valuing: attachment of worth to an object, concept, or behaviour, demonstrated by the learner's actions • Organizing: development of a value system by identifying and organizing values and resolving conflicts • Characterizing: action and response with a consistent value system (Potter 294) The psychomotor domain refers to learning a skill through hands-on practice. Performance learning promotes greater understanding than reading or hearing about a skill and is more likely to be remembered. Many skills required for effective self-care management require hands-on training, and supervised practice of a skill is one of the best ways for the nurse to evaluate the client's mastery of essential skills required for self-care management. Usually psychomotor learning involves demonstration of the skill by the nurse, followed by the client's return demonstration. Desired outcomes relate to proficiency in performing the motor skill, developing personal confidence, and the
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