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Correction of errors – Additional Questions Question 1 The Trial Balance totals did not agree. The difference of $104 was entered on the debit side of the suspense account. After checking the accounts the book-keeper found the following errors: 1. $34 written off as bad debts was recorded in the debtors account only. 2. The returns outwards day book had been undercast by $40 and the wrong total posted to the account. (c) Goods sold to Jim, $320, posted to his account as $300. (d) A cash payment of $90 for rates was entered in the cash book but not posted to the rates account. You are required to correct the errors and eliminate the suspense account. Question 2 The difference in the Trial Balance totals, $225 had been entered on the debit side of the suspense account. Subsequently the following errors were found: 1. Drawings of goods during the year amounting to $90 was completely omitted from the books. 2. Returns inwa
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