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Digestive Secretions

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BIOL 200
Mary Silas

Control Of Digestive Secretions Nervous And Hormonal Control Of Salivary, Gastric And Pancreatic Secretions  Mammal has 2 communication systems → nervous and endocrine system  Nervous system is based on electrical impulses passing along nerve cells o Short-lasting effects, can be switched on or off rapidly o Secretes salvia when food enters mouth  Endocrine system is based on hormones o Travel in blood to target organ o Produce long-lasting effects o Trigger secretion of bile and pancreatic juice  Endocrine system is only activated with large amounts of food intake o Food takes a long time to reach small intestine o Food stays there for a long time o Digestive juice can be secreted as large amounts of food are present o Digestive juice contains trypsin and pepsin → both enzymes are peptidases which damage proteins → they would damage epithelial cells if only small amounts of food would be present Importance Of Simple And Conditioned Reflexes And The Hormones Nervous reflexes  Nerve pathway involving small number of nerve cells (2/3) → rapid response  Automatic response → particular stimulus has same effect Condition reflex
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