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The Sliding-Filament Theory

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BIOL 200
Mary Silas

The Sliding-Filament Theory Gross and Microscopic Structure of Skeletal Muscle Including Ultrastructure of a Myofibril  Skeletal muscle is joined to bone by inelastic tendons o Muscle contraction / pulls on tendons / bone moves  Each muscle is made of bundles of muscle fibres surrounded by connective tissue  An individual muscle fibre o Has many nuclei → muscle fibre develops from fusion of many cells o Sarcoplasm (cytoplasm) filled by parallel myofibrils o Sarcolemma (surface membrane) forms deep tubes (T tubules) into the sarcoplasm along its length o Network of membranes called sarcoplasmic reticulum (ER) Roles of Actin, Myosin, Calcium Ions and ATP in Myofibril Contraction Striations In Skeletal Muscle Are Caused By Filaments Of Two Protein Actin And Myosin  Actin filament / thinner than myosin → lighter striations  Myosin filament / thicker than actin filament → darker striation  Distance between 2 adjacent Z lines: sarcomere / actin filament is attached to Z lines and extended into sarcomeres on either side  Striation of actin alone → I band  Striation of myosin alone → H zone  Length of myosin → A band  Central thickening of eac
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