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Biologyintro01072013MonWed 8451000 LOY SPS110Teacher Sophia Ushinsky Header include name ID class teacherTeacher uses twitter able to ask questions post article linksMake sure to learn terminology vocabwill be used in class and exam respectivelyBody systemsMuscular skeletal cardiovascularrespiratory endocrineimmunereproductivedigestiveintegumentaryskinurinaryexcretoryviruses not living organisms they are infectious cellstipsbe on time for class for clicker questions allowed to miss 4leave clicker in bagdo weekly reading keep up with material consists of a lot of memorizingwill not cover photosynthesiscomplete 5 assignments on Bioportal under assignments tabfinalcumulative all info learned throughout the year dont overthink questions its obvious usuallythe scientific study of living thingsBiologyan intellectual activity encompassing observation description Scienceexperimentation explanation of a natural phenomena Scientific thinkingChapter 1Empirical knowledgebased on experience and observation that are rational testable repeatable and selfcorrectingscientific methodused to discard incorrect ideas in favor of more accurate explanationStep 1 ObservationsObserve and pose a questionEx Does Echinacea reduce the symptoms or duration of the common coldStep 2 Formulate a hypothesisEx Echinacea does reduce the symptoms and durationNull hypothesis negative statement that proposes there is no relationship between two factorsEx Echinacea does not reduceStep 3 Devise a testable prediction if then so and so will happenStep 4 Conduct a critical experimentProve or disprove the hypothesis esTwo controlled groups both exposed to the same amount of cold viruses Group 1 given Echinacea group 2 not given Echinacea Monitored over 5 day period by doctorsStep 5 Draw conclusions and make revisionsEx Neither groups cold outlasted the other Echinacea did not affect or reduce the symptoms duration or intensity of the common coldIf hypothesis is not supported by data refine and revise hypothesisEx Increase dosage of Echinacea try different strains of cold virusesTERMSexperimental design elements common to most experimentsTreatment experimental condition applied to individualsExperimental groupa group of individuals who are exposed to a particular treatmentControlled groupa group of individuals who are treated identically to the experimental group with the one exception they are not exposed to the treatment placeboVariablesCharacteristics of your experimental system that are subject to change timing dosage method of delivery etc
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