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BIOL 226
Robert Weladji

Chapter 23. The Evolution of Populations Definitions, Explanations or Lists (not to be submitted) Microevolution Particulate model of inheritance Population Gene pool 5 conditions for a Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Mutation Sexual recombination Genetic drift, bottleneck effect and founder effect Gene flow Relative fitness 3 modes of natural selection Assigned Questions (SUBMIT) 1) What is the ultimate source of new alleles and genes? 2) Does sexual recombination: (a) produce new alleles, (b) re-arrange alleles? 3) Does non-random mating affect: (a) allele frequencies, (b) genotype frequencies? 4) Explain why drug cocktails are the most effective treatment of AIDS. Review Exercises (not to be submitted) Try the self-quiz. 1) Natural selection acts on individuals, but populations evolve. Explain. 2) Is natural selection synonymous with evolution? 3) Natural selection can’t cause evolution because it acts on phenotypes not genotypes. True or false? Justify your answer. 4) Does evolution make perfect organisms? 5) Distinguish between quantitative and discrete characters. 6) Why does sexual selection often lead to sexual dimorphism? Why are males usually the sex that exhibits exaggerated characteristics?. 7) What are the two processes producing the variation in gene
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