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BIOL 226
Robert Weladji

Chapter 25. The history of Life on Earth Definitions, explanations, lists (DO NOT SUBMIT) Macroevolution Four main steps for the origin of life on earth Protobionts When was earth formed? Half-life Age of first fossils and when life began on earth Age of first eukaryotic organism Endosymbiosis Date of colonization of land Date of Pangaea Mass extinction Adaptive radiation Exaptation Heterochrony Paedomorphosis Assigned Questions (SUBMIT) 1) Which organisms began the oxygen revolution? 2) What hypothesis did Miller test in his classic experiment? 3) Why is fossil record an incomplete chronicle of evolutionary change? 4) What happened during the Cambrian explosion? Review Exercises (DO NOT SUBMIT) 1) Try the self-quiz and the Science, Technology and Society question. 2) List the evidence that supports the endosymbiotic origin of plastids and mitochondria. 3) What are the five generally recognized mass extinction events? 4) What is the function of Hox genes 5) Try Concept Check 25.2, #1 and #3 on page 514, and Concept Check 25.3 on page 519. Chapter 26. Phylogeny and the Tree of Life Definitions, explanations, lists (not to be han
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