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Business Technology Management
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BTM 481
Raul Valverde

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Exam Ch 1 - 4 True or False Practise Questions Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Becoming computer literate includes being able to understand and form knowledgeable 1) _______ opinions on the challenges facing a digital society. 2) Being computer literate means that you should be able to build a computer yourself. 2) _______ 3) Information technology careers are on the rise. 3) _______ 4) The seven fastest-growing occupations are computer related. 4) _______ 5) Data mining is the set of techniques used in information handling and retrieval. 5) _______ 6) Hardware refers to the programs that give commands to the computer. 6) _______ 7) When a job is sent to other countries, as many programming jobs have been, it is said to have 7) _______ been exported. 8) The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called data 8) _______ warehousing. 9) Trend-spotting programs developed for business have been used to predict criminal activity. 9) _______ 10) Computer forensics is the application of computer systems in gathering potential legal evidence. 10) ______ 11) Today, because of advances in computer technology, it is not theoretically necessary for a doctor 11) ______ to be in the same room as his or her patient. 12) Biomedical chip implants are being used to provide sight to the blind. 12) ______ 13) Ranchers use VeriChips to track their cattle. 13) ______ 14) Nanostructures represent the smallest human-made structures that can be built. 14) ______ 15) Affective computing is a science that attempts to produce machines that understand and can 15) ______ respond to human emotion. 16) Employers do NOT have the right to monitor e-mail on employee systems used at work. 16) ______ 17) Employers have the right to monitor network traffic on employee systems used at work. 17) ______ 18) Although the automotive industry has become more computerized in the last ten years, there is 18) ______ still not a great need for automotive technicians to be computer literate. 19) Being computer literate enables you to form educated opinions in today’s digital society and to 19) ______ take a stand based on accurate information rather than media hype and misinformation. 20) The discrepancy between the “haves” and “have nots” with regard to computer technology is 20) ______ commonly referred to as the digital society. 21) A TV tuner allows your computer to receive television channels from a cable connection and 21) ______ display them on your computer monitor. 22) One bit is equal to 8 bytes. 22) ______ 23) The operating system provides the means for users to interact with a computer. 23) ______ 24) Some keyboards include a multimedia key and Internet keys. 24) ______ 25) When toggled off, the Insert key replaces or overwrites existing characters with new characters 25) ______ as you type. 26) You cannot connect a full-size keyboard to a notebook computer. 26) ______ 27) The leading alternative to the QWERTY keyboard is the virtual keyboard. 27) ______ 28) Some keyboards allow you to program a series of tasks and associate that series of tasks with a 28) ______ specific keystroke. 29) When performing data entry, you must use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter 29) ______ numeric values. 30) All function keys on all keyboards work the same in all programs. 30) ______ 31) The Ctrl key on a PC keyboard and the Command key on a Mac perform similar functions. 31) ______ 32) The Windows key on a keyboard is specific to the Windows operating system. 32) ______ 33) There are currently no keyboards specifically designed for gaming. However, there are some in 33) ______ development that are expected to be on the market soon. 34) Num Lock and Caps Lock are both toggle keys. 34) ______ 35) There are two types of CRT monitors on the market: passive-matrix displays and active-matrix 35) ______ displays. 36) Not all printers that are suitable for desktop computers will work with notebook computers. 36) ______ 37) Digital cameras, camcorders, and Webcams are common devices for capturing pictures and 37) ______ video and are all considered output devices. 38) Thermal printers are specialty printers that melt wax-based ink onto ordinary paper or burn dots 38) ______ onto specially coated paper. 39) Modern printers feature Bluetooth connectivity technology. 39) ______ 40) Printers do not have to have memory in order to print. 40) ______ 41) Laser printers use laser beams and jets to deliver toner onto specific areas of a page. 41) ______ 42) Laser printers use essentially the same process for printing as inkjet printers do. 42) ______ 43) Speed, resolution, color output, and memory are factors to be considered when selecting a 43) ______ monitor. 44) Studies have shown that users of MP3 players may experience hearing damage due to excessive 44) ______ volume from ear buds. 45) Restarting the computer while it's powered on is called a cold boot. 45) ______ 46) Speakers connect to the VGA port. 46) ______ 47) The motherboard is the box that contains the central electronic component of a computer. 47) ______ 48) Embedded computers have their own programming. They typically do not receive input from 48) ______ you, nor do they interact with other systems. 49) Mainframes are used in situations where complex models requiring intensive mathematical 49) ______ calculations are needed. 50) The main difference between a mainframe and a supercomputer is the physical size. 50) ______ 51) External hard drives are often used to back up data that is contained on the internal hard drive. 51) ______ 52) Bluetooth is the latest incarnation of optical storage to hit the market. 52) ______ 53) The portability of equipment that uses USB ports has made serial and parallel ports obsolete. 53) ______ 54) Serial ports and parallel ports have long been used to connect input and output devices to the 54) ______ computer. 55) The central processing unit is the largest and most important chip in a computer. 55) ______ 56) The Internet is the largest computer network in the world. 56) ______ 57) The primary use for the Internet is searching. 57) ______ 58) Tim Berners-Lee is known as the father of the Internet. 58) ______ 59) Mosaic was the first browser that could display graphics. 59) ______ 60) The Internet was developed to ensure faster delivery of communications such as mail. 60) ______ 61) The first real-time communication between networked computers occurred in 1970. 61) ______ 62) The Web and the Internet are the same thing. 62) ______ 63) The Web is simply a means of accessing information over the Net. 63) ______ 64) The original Web browser built by Tim Berners-Lee was built to run on the Windows operating 64)
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