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Business Statistics
BSTA 490
Jordan Lebel

1COMM299MSECTION WMODULE NOTESINTRODUCTIONnature of work is changingTechnological development in private and work livesThink of yourself as a needssatisfying productDifferent Mind Sets Reflective learn from exercises Analytic break down complex situation understand Worldly different perspectives Collaborative teamwork Action implement and face changeCareer streams artists entrepreneurs professionals job seekersMODULE 1definitions key factors key challenges applying to you and your careerspecializing in a smaller market will lead to more opportunitiesex Sachin Bhola passion for fashion journalism job started fashion columnget ready meet new people take opportunities advertising is everywhere all the time unavoidable new marketing approachesWhen there is no surpluses there is no need for marketing Surpluses makes marketing necessary p4 differentiate yourself from others make yourself stand out what makes you uniqueMarketing Product Price Place Promotion writing rooms focus groups ad agencies an ongoing activity concerned with all steps for the process successful exchanges and communication offers goods services ideas understand where value comes from in terms of the customer both must be satisfied meet needs of not only clients but all other steak holders other people involved a field that like to borrow from other disciplines and domains for inspirationProduction Orientation always trying to make the product better new and cheaper raw material more affordable easily availableex GM wins over Ford bc they offered a variety in terms of the colors and style of car which consumers were willing to pay more for what they wanted Ford only sold blackSales Orientationhow to beat the competition advertising sales promotionsell the emotional values of the product2COMM299MSECTION WMODULE NOTESuse short fast moving words to catch peoples attentionbe conscious of your actions while you speakMarketing Orientationfocus on customers needs more than just selling the productsatisfy the customerex Crest found a newdifferentbetter approach to reach consumers by targeting peoples children and protecting teeth from cavitiesSocial Marketing Orientationconstantly maintaining and improving wellbeing of society and environmentbig go green ecofriendly movement health and environmental concernsPeople no longer agree with Milton Friedmans initial idea of business is in the business of business and its just about bringing in the money People now have concerns that can no longer be ignored so we cater to them Challenge is to make everyone always happyLong and short term satisfaction catering to peoples wants and needsQuick Fix products will result in negative publicity and decrease salesstick to people friendly ingredients and methods eco friendly renewable energyex Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream donating to charities and community projectsThe Changing Marketing Environment crowded landscape so many options to choose from ex tooth brush wall in stores new media revolution use of Facebook YouTube Twitter and Linkedin to network Technology advances always something new faster and better easy to fall behind Information Overload so much information and research now available that theres no longer certainly in what is valid hard to find reliable sources on precise topicsComplex Career planningno longer as simple to find job as ex grandparents work for familys benefitmany more career possibilities and options todayEntrepreneurwork for yourself driven by responsibility achievement and building a legacy Must think of possible customers customers needs productsservices available promotionProfessional expert knowledge your personality and presentation maters are essentially the product you and the product become its own image must have basic presentation skills satisfy clients establish income objectives self promotionArtist youre selling your talentyourself offering wouldnt exist without you and your work competitive and crowded field must estimate the demand identify the prospects satisfy customer needs create a budget encourage interest in your workJob Seeker3COMM299MSECTION WMODULE NOTES choosing to work for a business look for options that interest you most must satisfy needs and problems of company set salary goals plan how to pitch yourself to employers A lot of competition prepare to compete easy to get selfcentered dontMODULE 2market plan apply to your career key steps knowing your producteveryone can benefit from having personal marketing planknow your strengthsweaknessesget involved internships coop programs volunteering parttime jobsknow target market why they should hire youdont only search for jobs online be persistent with phone calls and emailsWhy Marketing Planningthe source of successful marketingresearch and analyze specific fields opportunities threats other factorssetup marketing objectives strategies and implementing them evaluatingWhile marketing planning you must bereflective learn from your pastanalytical see patterns and trendsworldly seek inspiration elsewherecollaborative actionoriented prepared for sudden changes1 discover issues dynamics threats and opportunities be informed and aware2 ask what if questions to help anticipate possible future problems makes you quicker to react3 identify with yourself know strengths and weaknesses to be able to take control and motivateYour Marketing Planwhere you are currently situation analysiswhere you want to be objectiveshow you plan to get there strategy and tacticshow you plan to evaluate your progress real time progress meter people who only send out cvs and cover letters act to quickly usually fail to get resultsStep 1 Executive Summaryoverview of major points of the planfirst thing shown to client last thing writtenfocuses on most important elements of the plangrabs readers attentionStep 2 Situation Analysisfamiliarize yourself with the market its dynamics trends and competitorswatch target environment for possible influential changesfactors that may effect the future successidentify company or individuals strengths and weaknesses know potential
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