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Lecture 5

ENGL 224 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Daliso Chaponda, Hilary Mantel, Brandon Sanderson

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ENGL 224
Michel Choquette

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Lesson 5
Featured Writer: Daliso Chaponda
- From Malawi
o Studied at Concordia and McGill
- Prolific writer, speculative fiction, science fiction
- Successful stand-up comedian
- What he’s working on:
o A novel, a sitcom (a couple of scenes), a new comedy show
- How much do you read in own time, whom?
o Reads an excessive amount
Brandon Sanderson
An deran
Rn reading short stories
Rewards self: when he finishes his work
- Usefulness of failure
o Resistant to that phrase
o Hates being rejected
Extremely affected of failing
Tries hard to make it not happen
Makes him feel depressed
Goes home, and replays it in his head
- Was your family’s resistance useful or destructive?
o Very destructive coming from his parents and family
o Helped in that he was so angry, it was an extra motivation
- Delusions of grandeur, love writing and loves his writing
- Does not drink, smoke ganja, heroin
o Very religious, and not tempted by these things
o You need to live life to write
Discussion Board Post: Hilary Mantel Short story, “The present Tense
The short story, The Present Tense by Hilary Mantel was a difficult read to say the least. In my
humble opinion, I would not have labelled it as a short story. The number of literary devices
utilized makes it a tricky read. That being said, I simply would have labelled it as a story.
However, I enjoyed the characters she described throughout the story even though readers were
given a limited amount of description. While reading the short story, I found myself falling into
the emotions and waves the characters were feeling. Suggesting that the writer poured everything
she had to ensure that the readers would be taken along the same journey as the characters. I
found that since there was limited information given on the characters that it didn’t allow for the
development of the characters to occur. Which on the authors part, leads to a weak plot although
the subject line was alright? Overall, it was not my favourite short story to read.
Discussion Board Post: Daliso Chaponda, “While Trying to Save Another
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