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Lecture 6

ENGL 224 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Tony Kushner, Fountain Pen, Speculative Fiction

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ENGL 224
Michel Choquette

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Lesson 6: How do I develop a Story?
- Word-building form
- Stay away from speculative fiction
o Doesn’t always end up being in that genre
Featured Writer of the Week
Tony Kushner
- Queer Jewish man
- Parents = orchestra
- Musical fam background
o Written plays
o Most famously known for angels in America, parts 1 & 2
A gay fantasia on national themes
during aids crisis
- writing isn’t just an intellectual act - it changes and produces a writer’s ideas
- rents cabin in woods or an office he sits and writes in
o stuffed with fascinating books
- research plays in very great detail
o taught himself to needle point on how to understand how his characters in his
books did something
- tends to delay before writing and then it comes out
o gets angry and theres deadlines then it appears
o so might not revise a lot
o writes late and under great stress
o always writes under a lot of panic
(procrastinates to complete it)
Been in therapy and psychoanalysis
Need to do is very powerful
Prolyl not gonna be able to change it
Work ethic is formed deep within
Enormously peculiar
Very deep down in our psyche
- Techniques for dealing with procrastination
o Writing won’t be so bad when you get into it
o Not conscious when writing
o Always makes an outline for each play
o Uses index card and story boards the play
o Begins with an intention but it does not always lead to that
o Theater play: first draft, long hand with a fountain pen
Muscular activity
Body and place
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