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Lecture 1

ENGL 246 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Lightning, Natural Philosophy, Galvanism

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ENGL 246
Mark Rozahegy

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May 3, 2016
Science Fiction Notes
Technê to technology
Technê: craftsmanship/ craftsman
Technology is modern term, we don’t know what it means
Heidegger refers to 18th century
He talks of making towards ordering
Fundamental change occurs in the west regarding technê
Technology: refers to industrial revolution/ rise of physics
Frame=embedding, multiple narratives and points of view that are all embedded within one
First frame: Walton’s letters to his sisters
Then he meets victor and he agrees to tell his story and does it in first person
Then there is frame of monster
Outer frame: Shelley’s introduction
Letters are embedded in this
We end with Walton
There is an ordering in this, it is a framed text
Walton is parallel to victor, both have raw ambition
Victor possibly sees his younger self in Walton
What’s important about Walton is that he listens
The relationships of Walton to victor and victor to monster parallel each other
Walton is a poet and an explorer
Letter 2
Walton is between technê and technology
He is a poet and an explorer
He can reveal through art, not just as an explorer
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