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Lecture 4

ENGL 246 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Double Star, Martin Heidegger

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ENGL 246
Mark Rozahegy

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May 12, 2016
Essence of technology
Essence: what is it really?
What is the reality of technology?
What is essential?
If you would take out the essential, it would not be technology, it is what holds technology
Can we have a free relationship with technology if we do not know what it really is?
Heidegger argues our relationship with technology is not free
It is not free, but we can negotiate
There is subordination and passivity, there is no real choice
Chapter 4: Frankenstein
What is technology?
oWe can’t look at what is technological/individual pieces of technology to understand
oHe considers if it is an instrument/means to an end/serve this purpose
oAn instrument is a cause of an effect
oWe often think of technology in this sense
oWe think technology must relate to technê and thus cause and effect
oFrom the greeks, Heidegger brings up idea of bringing forth and art/nature
oIf technology is just an instrument, then man has always been technological, since a
stone and an atomic bomb is all an instrument, but Heidegger thinks that is not true
oWe were not always technological, there was no technology in ancient Greece
oOur ability to command nature makes us technological
Victor goes from alchemist (philosophy association) to being a scientist
oThe transformation happens in chapter 3
oWe are now able to challenge and command nature to do things
Technê is what we used to do, but it is very different from what we do now
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