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Lecture 7

ENGL 246 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Foreplay, Martin Heidegger, Mind Control

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ENGL 246
Mark Rozahegy

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May 24, 2016
Last chapter: p. 205
Technique: -non-sensical
There is spacing and silences when there are dashes
Some material is drawn from other sources, like old rock songs, some of it is
Some of it is stories that have been mashed together, providing new insights to them
When reading, look for themes, repetitions, colours, listen to what’s happening
One theme: alien conspiracies
They are all about issues of control and they are non-human
The control is being exerted on us
Heidegger/ enframing
Non-human preceeds us, calls us to command
Man responds revealing by challenging forth
Already find themselves
These are the conditions that make possible revealing
The river appears as energy
Aliens give sense of domination of us, it is nothing human
Question concerning technology, p. 13-14
A car is not an object separate from us, it is there and available for us to order
Human being becomes standing reserve
Humans are being harnessed in burroughs for their semen
They have become an energy reserve and have been reduced to that, this is what the aliens are
The text has enacted disconnection
Control machine has been disconnected: language/tracks
The control machine is about the ordering of the words/associations
Associations are implanted in the story, kind of like brainwashing
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