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Lecture 9

ENGL 246 Lecture 9: May 31-Rossum's Universal Robots

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ENGL 246
Mark Rozahegy

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May 31, 2016
Russom’s universal robots
Capek: 1920
Robot: automaton, better than humans – actors, luxury
Robots as workers/labour: Rossum Sr.: living beings, perfection, vibrant living thing, ectoplasm
Rossum junior: efficient laborer robots, his drive is money
Living matter
Mimic humans: components related to being a good worker
They want to synthesize living matter
Organizing living matter to produce life/nature vs synthetic manner which is faster, simpler,
flexible (this is substancially different)
Rossum senior sees his robots as evolution
Rossum senior is about imitating nature, he wants to make people
You synthesize human beings, but they are made of a different substance
Technology/junior: producing people artificially
It is the production itself that is artificial as opposed to just the person
He wants to produce faster/set up for industrial production
They produce about 300M robots
They want to make living, intelligent working machines, not people
They are a technological product
God is irrelevant because he knew nothing about technology, so he’s not an issue anymore
Rossum senior is closer to technê/art
Junior is closer to enframing
oOn an island, it seems to be beyond nationality/the bounds of a country
oHelena/old Europe
oFactory itself/robots
oAct I is ten years later
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