CHEM 208 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Plywood, Particle Board, Surface Tension

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The atmosphere is a layered structure divided into layers according to a variety of criteria such as gradually changing: altitude, pressure, temperature, electrical nature, chemical composition and concentration. The atmosphere is divided into layers: troposphere (8-15km, stratosphere (50km, mesosphere (80km, thermosphere/ionosphere (500-600km) Air pollutants: are emitted directly into the atmosphere during combustion and production processes, changing the composition of atmosphere and causing poor air quality. Burning of fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas, coal) can be used: to generate energy (electricity, gas, steam) In industrial processes that use a lot of energy sources (pulp and paper mills, ore smelters, petroleum refineries, power generating stations and incinerators) When there"s an adequate supply of oxygen, there is complete combustion of fossil fuels thereby forming the major by-products: carbon dioxide and water. Most carbon monoxide (co) produced in this process is immediately oxidized to carbon dioxide.