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Lecture 22

CLAS 364 Lecture 22: March 20 notes, classical archaeology

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CLAS 364
Jane Francis

March 20 notes Erectheion Ground couldnt be leveled due to shrines and sacred spaces etc. architect incorporates different ground levels. Makes it a strange plan. South and east are on higher ground, leveled with Parthenon. North and west sides are much lower, hight of walls, columns, etc has incorporated the change in ground. West cellapandroseion nd o Problematic. Two things going on, one is west wall, and the 2 is the front area was walled in as a courtyard. Ground level is about 10 feet lower than opposite side of building. Compared to reproduction of east porch. o Is a degree of symmetry between west and east porch. Is a diff, built a high wall 10 meters high, so that the columns are leveled with the east ones. o Corners of the west wall treated like antae. Or squared of posts, so really 4 central ionic columns instead of 6. Lower is engaged, upper is carved free. o Spaces between columns filled, possibly with wooden grills southernmost left open. So air and light flows through but not just open spaces. o Architraves, frieze, and cornice at the same level around this section. All horizontal. They also get a consistent roof line. o Interior: cut in two main rooms by a northsouth crosswall. East ground level is higher than the west. Prob why they did a crosswall, makes it like a separate entity. Many questions. What does this building mean? Homer did say house of Athena, no evidence for it but maybe there was a shrine when this was written. We dont know how old some of these altars or shrines are, like altar of boutes. Maybe they are Mycenaean. o Where was the olive image of Athena? I the western end, some thought this was the sanctuary of Athena. This is the place which by tradition was the location of the olive tree, we dont knew if the tree was associated with the statue at all. o The east cella is interesting with trident marks: roofed? If he throws his trident, maybe shouldnt have a roof. Know the architrave went around outside but doesnt interior is not like a courtyard. Sculpture o Carved out of white marble. Half life size. On the caryatid porch and carved frieze. o White marble figures carved in the round, dowelled on dark limestone background. Identification is uncertain: mythological. Said there was a city named after caryatids, but dont know if it existed. o Seem to suggest some kind of procession, nice pendent like the one on the Parthenon. Is possible since we have two sections of friezes, that maybe we have more than one theme, makes sense due to myriad of themes that are in this building. Temple of Athena nike (427424) Dedicated to version of Athena celebrating victories. By the time you have gone through whole acropolis, you get an idea what victories are aluded to. The Athena that is victorious protector of the city.
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