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Lecture 1

COMM 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Creative Problem-Solving, Web Conferencing, Web 2.0Premium

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COMM 205
Philipe Colas

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Ch.1: Business Communication in the Digital Age
M-commerce (mobile technology business)
E-commerce (Internet- based business)
Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process
Explore the challenge: Identify the challenge, gather information and clarify the problem.
Generate Ideas: come up with many ideas to solve the problem, and pick the most promising
Implement Solutions: select and strengthen solutions, and plan how to bring your solution to life
and implement it.
Skills Job Seekers should offer (Highest to Lowest)
Written/oral communication
Critical thinking/analytical reasoning
Ability to analyze and solve complex problems
Ethical decision making
Teamwork skills
Innovation and creativity
Ability to locate and evaluate information
Understanding of statistics
Communication and Collaborative Technologies
Cloud computing and Web 2.0
Telephony: Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
Voice Recognition
Voice Conferencing
Open Offices
Smart Mobile devices and convergence
Presence Technology
Web Conferencing
Electronic Presentations
Social Media
Collaboration with Blogs, Podcasts, and Wikis
Rules for sharing open workspaces
Don’t hang around
Limit chitchat
Don’t sneak up on anyone
Don’t eavesdrop(secretly listening to conversation) or otherwise spy on others
Speak in a soft voice
Wear headphones
Internal Communication: exchanging ideas, messages with superiors, co-workers and
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