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Lecture 13

COMM 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, List Of Fables CharactersPremium

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Course Code
COMM 205
Philipe Colas

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Developing informal proposals
Components of Informal Proposals
- Introduction
- Background, problem and purpose
- Proposal, plan, schedule
- Staffing
- Budget
- Authorization
Preparing Formal Proposals
Components of Formal Proposals
- Copy of RFP
- Letter of Transmittal
- Abstract or executive summary
- Title page
- Table of contents
- List of illustration
- Appendixes
Grant Proposals: It is a formal proposal submitted to a government or civilian organization that
explains a project, outlines its budget, and requests money in the form of grant.
Creating Effective Business plans
Components of Typical Business Plan
- Letter of transmittal
- Mission statement
- Executive Summary
- Table of contents
- Product or service description
- Market analysis
- Operations and management
- Financial analysis
- Appendixes
Sample Business Plan on Web
Writing Formal Business reports
Front Matter Components of Formal Business Reports
- Cover
- Title page
- Letter of Transmittal
- Table of Contents
- List of Figures
- Executive summary
- Introduction
- Body
- Conclusions
- Recommendations ( if recommended )
- Appendix
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