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Lecture 11

COMM 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: FlowchartPremium

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COMM 205
Philipe Colas

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Ch.11: Reporting In The Digital-Age Workplace
Basic Report functions and types
- Informational reports: without data analysis.
- Analytical reports
Organizational Strategy
- Direct strategy: purpose is presented at the beginning
- Indirect Strategy:
Applying the 3x3 Writing Process to Contemporary Reports.
1) Analyze the problem and purpose.
Problem statement
Problem question
Simple statement of purpose
Expanded statement of purpose
2) Anticipate the audience and issues.
Who wil l read it
What do my readers need to know
What do they already know
What is their educational level
How will they react to this information
Which sources will they trust
How do I make this info readable, believable and memorable.
3) Prepare a workplan
Statement of the problem
Statement of purpose
Research a strategy including a description of potential sources and methods collecting data.
Work schedule
tentative outline that factors the problem into manageable chunk
4) Conduct research
5) Organize, analyze, interpret and illustrate the data
6) Compose first draft
7) Edit, proofread and evaluate
Secondary sources and primary research
a) Locate secondary sources
a. Print resources
b. Research database
b) The web
a. Websearch tools
b. Apply internet search strategies and techniques
c) Conduct primary research
a. Surveys
b. Interviews
c. Observation and experimentation
Documenting Information
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