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Lecture 7

EXCI 233 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: List Of Caribbean Membranophones, Skan, Rash

Exercise Sci.
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EXCI 233
Patricia Rehel

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Practice Final
Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
____ 1. You should ensure that your emergency plan_______________.
a. lists intricate details for every possible emergency
b. is simple and easy to follow
c. is on file with city fire authorities
d. is kept locked in your car
____ 2. Which of the following is true about infertility?
a. In about 10% of couples, the cause of infertility is unknown.
b. Infertility is due equally to female causes as male causes.
c. In vitro fertilization involves introducing sperm into the uterus with a long needle.
d. In men, infertility is caused by excess sperm and ejaculation problems.
____ 3. Which of the following psychological factors may influence an individual's potential for
a. The individual has high self esteem.
b. The individual has adequate coping skills.
c. The individual has the ability to control his/her behaviour.
d. The individual has a tendency toward risk-seeking behavior
____ 4. Bertie doesn't see that her addiction to betting is self-destructive. She is experienc-
a. displacement c. obsession
b. compulsion d. denial
____ 5. Most food-borne illnesses go undiagnosed because__________________.
a. The symptoms are not serious enough to go to a hospital
b. Symptoms may not appear for a week or more
c. Symptoms usually appear during flu season
d. Most victims die before treatment
____ 6. The test done on the potential recipient to determine whether or not donated tissue is
compatible is called__________.
a. ABO matching c. tissue matching
b. Rh matching d. rejection prescreening
____ 7. The person or population that comes in contact with a disease-causing organism is called
a. vector b. host c. pathogen d. vehicle
____ 8. How is cocaine correctly classified?
a. Stimulant b. Depressant c. Hallucinogen d. Sedative
____ 9. All of the following are true statements concerning genital warts EXCEPT:
a. Genital warts increase the risk of cervical cancer.
b. Genital warts may not appear for up to 18 months after contact.
c. Once genital warts are removed they never return.
d. Genital warts may cause urinary obstruction.
____ 10. Dementia is best described as _________________ .
a. an inevitable consequence of advanced age
b. a brain disorder in which a person loses mental capabilities
c. mental illness brought on by prolonged exposure to high levels of noise
d. brain malfunction due to lead poisoning
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