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endocrine disruptions

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GEOG 204
Mary Silas

Chapter 9 Environmental Endocrine DisruptionSome chemicals unintentionally interfere with hormone function in animals and in some cases in humansA wave of interdisciplinary research over the past few years has been demonstrated that chemicals in our environment can interfere with endocrine function In adults the endocrine system exhibits the ability to recover from fairly significant perturbations in the fetus even minor change in hormone levels can result in lifelong effectsHistorical backgroundA study in laboratory animals have demonstrated that estrogenic properties of a number of industrial chemicals including bisphenol A now widely used in plastics resins and dental sealants Hormonally active chemicals are widely used for beneficial medical purposes but adverse effects also occurDiethylstilbestrol DES daughters have an increased risk of reproductive and immunological abnormalities while sons are at risk of genital anomalies and abnormal spermatogenesis Examples of DES indicate that fetus rather than the adult may be most at risk from adverse effects of hormonal disruptionMechanisms of Action and Fetal VulnerabilitySome pesticides and other industrial checmicals can directly bind to or block hormone receptors thereby initiating or blocking receptoractivated
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