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GEOL 210 – Sept 9th Lec 3.pdf

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GEOL 210
Alena Perout

thGEOL 210Sept 9 Lec 3Step of dinosaurs from land to water couldnt be accomplished before oxygen forming When Earth created oxygen level practically nonexistentthen became high enough so that O3 could also form in the atmosphere Oxygencreated by Life not Earth very low numbers with Earth itselfrelatively rare gascreated by stromatolites bacteria formed in rocky structuresexist in intertidal zone low water level that when they breathe they absord CO2 from atmosphere and expel O2 in atmosphere Intertidal zones because of the Moon Oxygen rich atmosphereplants growing faster Summary Intertidal zonesStromatolitesO2Ozone layer gets createdozone layer formedfilters UV which allows more complex life to existThis winter Ozone layer thinning not doing that well but better for a few years O3 reacts with CHCs and eliminates the O3Ozone layer at its worst condition in MarchApril in NH and Sept in SH CHCs bannedOxygen21 of the atmosphereRELATIVE DATING Key principles Superposition Original Horizontality Cross Cu
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