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GEOL 210 – Sept 16th Lec 5.pdf

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GEOL 210
Alena Perout

GEOL 210Sept 16th Lec 5 MINERAL PROPERTIES continuedTwo more rules to identify mineralsTwinning caused by the internal structure of the mineral caused by the fact that there are strong and weak bonds so zigzagy look on the surface of the rockflat surfaces are cleavage that show where the twinning is little striations that are going to appear on the broken surface of the mineraldepending on how the striation looks like itll be a different mineral plagioclase or orthoplasetwinning probably most difficult thing to seeonly on a broken surfacePerthite branchy Two main groups of minerals Silicates and NonSilicates Continental shelfmostly silicate minerals but few non silicates Non silicates Oxygen differs Native elements Gold or silverSilicate minerals all main of silicon and oxygen The number of each of these elements depends on how the magma cools down If you consider that all the magma is pretty much the same and its a big mix of a whole bunch of chemicalsif you look at different silicate group names 5 Each one of these gro
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