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Shannon Mc Sheffrey

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4 cent. Vulgate Translation 500-1350 Middle Ages (Petrarch) 900-1180 France – weak, de-centralized monarchical authority 1000 Witan 1000-1300 Northwest marriage pattern Marriage becomes monogamous 12 -13 cent. Clergy Intellectual Learning 1180-1223 France: Phillip II (growing centralization) 1200-onwards Hapsburg Empire 1215 Magna Carta 1285-1314 France: Phillip IV (growing centralization) 1300 Italy: Notaries created an Intellectual Class of their own English and French Monarchies: strong + centralized lordship and bureaucracy Edward 1 of England – Works with Parliament 1300-1400 Hundred Years War (1337-1343) 1304-1374 Petrarch 1390’s-1468 Johannes Guttenberg 1426 First printing Press in England 1450 Germany: Invention of Printing Press (Johann Gutenberg) The Guttenberg Bible 1461-1483 France: Louis XI – towards absolutism 1483-1498 France: Charles VIII – died but have absolutism influence 1485-1603 The Tudors rule England 1486 Dance of Death 1492 Christopher Columbus goes to America 1500 Renaissance moves north of the Alps 1500-1700 Scientific Paradigm of Ancient Greece no longer makes sense Shift in Scientific Thought – Scientific Revolution 1500-1800 Tightening of the patriarchal as the head – women have too much power 1515-1547 France: Francis I – very intelligent – added to monarchical power 1517 95 Theses: Martin Luther 1519 Carlos Hapsburg 1520 Martin Luther has academic and HRE Political followers 1521 Martin Luther Excommunicated from Church 1530’s-1600 10% of Population converts to Calvinism Flip-flop state in English Church 1536 Desiderus Erasmus 1534 Church of England 1543 Heliocentric Universe Theory 1600’s – Kelper + Bruno (finite universe and elliptical movements) 1547-1553 Edward VI: King of England (Protestantism) 1553-1558 Mary I: Queen of England (Catholicism) 1555 HRE: Your State, Your Religion 1558-1603 Elizabeth: Queen of England (Protestantism, Elizabethan Settlement) 1560 Peo
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