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Lecture 12

MCHI 365 Lecture 12: MCHI 365 (W) 2016.11.23 Lecture Notes

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Modern Chinese (Mandarin)
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MCHI 365
Lian Duan

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Fall 2016 MCHI 365 Intro to Chinese Culture & Traditions WEEK 12 MODERN TIMES – WESTERN INFLUENCES PRESENTATIONS PRESENTATIONS FOR NEXT WEEK NEED TO BE CONDENSED (TO BE BETWEEN 10 -15 MINUTES EACH) TO HAVE EVERYONE PRESENT IN ONE CLASS LECTURE WESTERNIZATION AND MODERNIZATION In the Chinese perspective, westernization = modernization and vice versa Inferior and Superior Groups: The first civilization, in Egypt, could be considered to be at the highest of its time – but so could each of the other civilizations at some point before falling to their knees at the hands by another civilization that was also at their peak development Groups like the Mongols were deemed as inferior to China, yet they had enough power and resources to take the Chinese down – why? The Theory of Challenge & Response Both external and internal, you must overcome the challenges to develop your city But if the challenge isn’t strong enough, it won’t build any further development for the group On the other hand, if the challenge is too big, the society will fall in defeat 3 WAVES OF WESTERN INFLUENCE Pre-western Influence Like Europe, the people of China thought they were in the middle of the world and the most powerful They felt no need to develop the society any further… until the Europeans arrived and defeated them It was then that they saw themselves as weak. A debate arose – should they accept the western influence or should they resist it? North America, Europe & Japan: PRE-WWII Japan was going through Meiji restoration, becoming westernized The Chinese tried to learn everything in relati
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