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MANA 298
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pretesting the advertising pretests are conducted to determine whether the advertisement communicates the intended message or to select between alternative versions of the ad. they are conducted before the ads are placed in any medium. 1. portfolio tests are used to test copy alternatives. the test ad is placed in a portfolio with other ads and later consumers are asked about their impressions of the ads. 2. jury tests involve showing the ad to a panel of consumers for their evaluation. unlike portfolio tests, consumers see only the ad of interest. 3. theatre tests, the most sophisticated form of pretest, shows test commercials within new tv shows or movies. consumers then register their feelings. b. carrying out the advertising program carrying out the program can be handled by a full-service agency, limited-service agency, or in-house agency. agencies are usually paid a commission based on the cost of the media in which the ad is placed. since the dominance of imc, most agencies now charge fees for service instead of commission based payment. aided recall (recognition-readership). as used by starch, people see a magazine ad and are classified into one of three groups: * noted readers - the percent who remember seeing the ad. * seen-associated readers - the percent who recall reading or seeing any part of the ad identifying the product or brand. * read-most readers - the percent who report reading at least half the ad. post-testing the advertising post-testing is done after the ad has been shown to its target audience to determine whether the ad accomplished its objectives. five common posttests are: 2. unaided recall. here there is no prompting with actual ads. respondents are asked a question such as "what ads do you remember seeing yesterday?" 3. attitude tests. respondents are asked questions before and after an advertising campaign to see if their attitudes have changed. 4. inquiry tests. these involve measuring the number of requests or "inquiries" for more information or p
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