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MANA 298
Fred Mc Gregor

key logistics functions in a supply chain are firms that perform most or all of the logistics functions that channel members would normally perform themselves? these functions include: a. transportation — provides movement for materials in the system. five modes (rail, air, pipeline, water, and truck) can be evaluated on six service dimensions: 1. cost — charges for transportation services only 2. time — speed of transit 3. capability — what can be carried with the mode 4. dependability — reliability in terms of time, loss, and damage 5. accessibility — nearness to the mode's routes 6. frequency — schedules warehousing and materials handling warehousing and materials handling functions provide the storage capability to the logistics system. materials handling — which involves moving goods over short distances into, within, and out of warehouses and manufacturing plants — is a key part of warehouse operations. conflict in marketing channels. channel conflict arises when one channel member believes another channel is engaged in behaviour that prevents it from achieving its goals. a. vertical conflict occurs between different levels in a marketing channel, e.g., manufacturer and retailer. sources of conflict are:  when a channel member bypasses another member, and sells and buys products direct it is called disintermediation.  disagreements over how profit margins are distributed among channel members.  when manufacturers believe channel members are not giving their products adequate attention. b. horizontal conflict occurs between intermediaries at the same level in a marketing channel, e.g., two retailers. sources of conflict are:  when a manufacturer increase its distribution coverage in a geographical area. dual distribution, when different types of retailers carry the same brands
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