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MANA 298
Fred Mc Gregor

direct marketing a. the growth of direct marketing the ability to customize communication efforts is appealing to most marketers and has resulted in the dramatic growth of direct marketing. increased use of the tools is mainly due to the availability of computers and databases. b. the value of direct marketing the value of direct marketing for buyers include: they don’t have to go to the store, they can usually shop 24 hours a day, they save time, they avoid hassles with salespeople, they can save money, it is fun and entertaining, and it offers more privacy. strong elements of customer service include: toll free telephone numbers, customer service representatives have access to information about purchase preferences, overnight delivery services, and unconditional guarantees. the value for sellers include: direct orders contain all the information necessary for a prospective buyer to make a decision to purchase and complete the transaction, lead generation includes requests for further information, traffic generation is the outcome of offers designed to get people to visit a business. c. technological, global, and ethical issues in direct marketing databases are the result of organizations’ efforts to collect demographic, media, and consumption profiles of customers so direct marketing tools can be directed at specific customers. useful data must be unbiased, timely, pertinent, accessible, and organized in a way that helps the marketing manager make correct decisions. some data can be collected from customers’ homes while others are available from businesses. functions performed by intermediaries. intermediaries perform three basic functions: a. transactional functions - intermediaries buy, sell, and take risks by stocking merchandise in anticipation of sales. b. logistical functions - intermediaries gather, store, and disperse products. c. facilitating functions - intermediaries assist producers in making products and services more attractive to buyers. satisfying buyer requirements: a second consi
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