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Lecture 92

POLI 205 Lecture 92: Miss Class Poli 205 notes September 29

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Concordia University
Political Sc
POLI 205
Ronald Behringer

Terms: Relative Gains, Kantian Triangle, Collective Security Neo Realism (continued): "Why is cooperation hard?" Relative Gains- When multiple states plan to cooperate, a state must not ask how much it will personally gain, but who will gain more. If a state expects to gain less than its partner it assumes that this will put it at a disadvantage and refuse to cooperate. (or if a state has already started to cooperate it may withdraw) Important detail: In order for Relative Gains to apply the "Gains" must be convertible into power. Relative loss- When a state gains less than its partner from cooperation Liberal Theory Liberal- Based on a society centric belief of how states act. Believes people are rational, (As in are goal orientated.. a.k.a. I'll do something that to some may be really stupid, but as long as it works towards my end goal it is considered rational in this sense) and believe in the effect of interdependence (they believe this dampens the effects of anarchy) on IR. Liberalism doesn't believe that all states will act the same (realism) but that due to the interest groups each state will be different. The self-interests of states is still a thing, but driven more by interest groups (instead of power like realists would say) Branches: Kantian, Neoliberal, Analytical* Kantian theory (What realists call idealism): In his book "Perpetual Peace" (1795) Kant outlined the idea of pacific union (peaceful union) caused by three things. 1 Republican government (similar to democratic system) 2 Trade (interdependence) 3 International law and organization Kantian Tria
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