POLI 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: American Political Science Association, Nomination Rules

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Readings note for November 20th
Be areful what you wish for: The rise of resposile parties i Aeria Natioal Politis By Niol
- Rae argues that American parties had developed in the ways preferred by many reformers who
wanted parties to be more cohesive, policy-focused, determined to implement their agendas
and in elections.
- Presidential nomination rules have been adjusted to make it more difficult for outsider
candidates to triumph over those preferred by party insiders.
- Nomination system: works to produce candidates satisfactory to the middle of the party rather
than the middle of the nation.
- Rae argues that the parties have increasingly become defined by interests that attach them to
one party or the other rather than truly straddling the two parties.
- Rae oludes that Aeria parties hae ot eoe resposile parties i the sese
advocated by many reformers.
- Responsible parties would be able to implement their promises and agendas without
obstruction from the other party, a situation that Raw argues appears only rarely in American
- Responsible party government: a party or coalition of parties forms a cabinet responsible to the
lower house of the legislature.
- The framers of the U.S Constitution equated parties with interest groups fatios, whih
they regarded as the greatest danger to republican virtue and future government stability in
the U.S
- Rae argues that although Americans have never had much love for national political parties,
they have not been able to devise a political system in which parties do not play a significant
- In America, the parties were too outdated and ramshackle to play what the party scholars saw
as their appropriate role i orld’s leadig represetatie deoray.
- ASPA: American Political Science Association
Cousins v. wigoda --- 1974
- 5-4 decision
Conclusion of the text:
- Although mass party development or responsible party government still seem highly unlikely,
there has undoubtedly been a revival of parties and partisanship In the U.S in the past quarter
century, primarily due to three factors:
o 1.the civil rights evolution
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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