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Lecture 2

PSYC 434 Lecture 2: Psyc 434-02

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Concordia University
PSYC 434
Karen Li

ttaty of aging adapting to cregative) chang ie. Rearing lowo Severit brain function increase brain activity Tm other on auditory are A lternative indices of aA Prolog cae age fun tioning organ systems tie. Normotive values dont need to match but in references to chrono heal age. Psychological age- test psychological Runch nim tie. memory capab Different maturi level of psycholog cok a Social age social roles occupied by the individu Beng gandparent n 405 Being a mom bos time advance post-Str What leads to optimal aging Personae at the of the mdividual mg due to ortogenetic factors LwRhrm organym, geneti External facttrg. e nutrition So people retire ange ormative age graded Charge cuttural labelled ie. ktds go to whool ra. Normative history-graded change r to evempn Tn a certain wlture mobate technoloy or countr War 3 Non-normative influencer don't happen to ever ne Adverse events would be particularly impactul on older peope. Restience and effect found fascinatingly m older adults. There no ehe correct way of defining age Bio- psycho-socat Psyc434 an. th aolT. inuity people done dust Rit au aje tle time. odels development cha. Psychutoetuar socaDcultuurwe, We triva ugon not only our genes fit dewelopment decynta top at vulnerable to forces) 4ureest depenely on the ratio redo Cognituu limitation sens nk nut actual very drame Atlaenetlc Princip e stages on each Enksons Psycho 4ocal Theor Generativity vs. Stagnation Leaving your legay mark ie, roiing a fami to the societ Communitv contribut impact en others iega
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