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Lecture 2

RELI 378 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Just War Theory, Aztec Religion, Nanahuatzin

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RELI 378
Hillary Kaell

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Professor Hillary Kaell
October 3, 2017
Death & Dying
-> All non dar al islamers, war is justified because only through war can islam bring peace to the
next religion or people, inherently the world without sharia is unjust and does not have a
connection to Allah. They have the fairest and most just system. War brings peace in Islam.
-> Peace is not just physical, but also metaphysical.
-> Jihad also has moral conditions of restraint, Prisoners and defeaten enemies must be
respected. They have legitimacy you dont just kill them they must be treated properly. To
continue killing after an enemy is subdued is against the will of Islam. All action must be taken
proportionally, one can defend themselves but proportionally. Example if a person's family
member is killed, the defender may respond in kind but cannot incite a killing spree.
Vegetation, water holes should remain untouched, all natural sources.
-> attacking or ambushing an enemy without proper notice or being treacherous are also
unacceptable terms in Islam. You cannot force someone to be muslim they must find the god
-> Just War Theory -> Muslim version
-> War is often a means of expansion for muslim empires etc.
-> Muslims did not yet pose a direct super threat to the holy roman empire but slowly crept up as
they expanded and expanded.
-> Human Sacrifice: The act of Killing one or more human beings, usually as an offering to a
deity and /or as part of a religious ritual.
- The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia, Spansh Mosaic Painting
-> Human Sacrifice in Aztec Culture
-> The sacrifice of the gods was always demanded,
-> Nanahuatl, The Fifth Sun. He and the other gods sacrificed themselves so that humans would
have a sun and could live.
-> Quetzalcoatl -> created using some of his own blood.
-> Mixing his own blood to produce blood. Aztec religion is highly focused on keeping nature in
balance. On false step could lead to disaster. They were especially worried about natural
disasters etc earthquakes.
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