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RELI 216
Howard Joseph

questions from lecture 1. What are the main features of F. Max Muller’s theory of the origin of religion, and how does it compare to other theories of origin in his time? - Religion and mythology began with the human perception of overpowering natural phenomena - Myths he believed that myths that are inspired by the sun. He believed that principle gods and heroes of the Indo-European people had solar roots, or metaphors. - Transformation, (the sun’s power to perception of this power) is illustrated a “disease of language” which is the original natural objects of awe and respect is hidden behind words, and isn’t able to give direct perception through its natural metaphor. - Gods were only names for natural phenomena, and after awhile they were falsely interpreted, personified, and defied. - E.B. Tylor  origin = psychological factors, such as dreams, ecstasies - Lang  idea of God is historically among earliest conceptions of humanity so no discussion of an antecedent “cause” of religion was necessary. -
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