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RELI 216
Howard Joseph

Cosmogony questions from lecture 1. Descibe the characteristics of the Creator Deity in myths related to “Creation from Nothing.” - powerful symbolism of a deity who creates from noting is symbolic tour de force against cultural histories as the basis for a new founding and ordering of the world and the human community. - Power for the deity in myths – establishes the cosmos as unrelated to and discontinuous from, all other structures before the statement of creation. - Deity appears out of nothingness, autonomous, self-created, no family, - The deliberate process of creation = willful volition and the fact that creation is brought forth as a form of perfection from a supreme being - Creation deity in myths = often symbolized by the sky or sky deities (s - Ultimately, creation from nothing emphasizes that creation is not mere ordering or even founding but has come forth as a powerful religio-magical evocation from a powerful supreme being 2. What are the characteristics of the “Creation from a Cosmic Egg” type of Cosmogony? - Many myths involving creation from chaos = symbolism of a cosmic egg/ ovoid shape out of which creation or the first created being emerges - Egg = symbol of fertility - Egg myths  potency for creation within the egg and incubation of egg = implies a time- ordered creation, and specific determination regarding order. - Hermann Baumann  one motif of egg symbolism has to do with the statement and resolution of the problem of sexual rivalry and its origin in megalithic cultural circles. - H.B.  there is an early stage in megalithic cultures in which the meaning of creation is expressed in the for of a sky father and earth mother as sexually differentiated deities; there is another stage in which the parents are separated and many reside within the egg as twins. - Symbolism of the egg also means a state of primordial perfection out of which the created order proceeds. 3. What are “Earth-Diver Myths”? Provide examples of the types and range of myth. - In earth-diver myths water = the primordial stuff of the beginning - (TYPE Antagonism between two creative
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