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RELI 216
Howard Joseph

EVIL questios from lecture 1. What are the Two Major Forms Of Evil? What criteria explain for the persistence of mythical representations of evil? - Two Forms = Physical and Moral - Moral Evil conceived of as the product of free act involving human responsibility alone. Social blame, centralized as guilt, is in face a response to an existential quality that was initially represented as a stain infecting the human heart as if from outside. When a superior power is replaced by the feeling of sin, we can feel that we have been seduced by overwhelming powers. - Each of us finds evil already present in the world and no on initiates evil but everyone has the feeling of belonging to a history of evil. - Strange experience of passivity, which is at the very heart of evildoing, makes us feel ourselves to be the victims in the very act that makes us guilty. - Physical Evil recognized as the effect of natural causes of a physical, biological, and even social nature: sickness, which often takes the form of great epidemics ravaging entire populations, simultaneously attacks each person in the very depths of his existence by making him suffer and is spontaneously experiences as an aggression, at once external and internal, coming from maleficent powers that are easily confused with those that seduce the human
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