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RELI 216
Howard Joseph

Questions from lecture 1) What is THEORY OF TIME that is known as SAMSARA in the HINDU TRADITION and, what is mathematical formula for the creation/ destruction cycle of COSMOS ? Samsara represents the rebirth of the cosmos. Its basic mathematical unit is one creation/destruction cycle of the planet earth referred to as Mahayuga. Mahayuga means “great age” and is divided into four sections from creation to destruction (Kaliyuga). The Kaliyuga lasts 432,000. It started in 3102 BC after the end of the Mahabharata war. One Mahayuga is equivalent to 8,640,000 human years and is also equivalent to just one full day in the life of Brahma (8,640,000 x 360 is equivalent to one year in the life of Brahma). Brahma’s life is equal to the life of the cosmos. Brahma lives to be 100 years, and so does the cosmos. This means that the cosmos is created and destroyed in cycles of 311,040,000,000 human years. 2) What are the characteristics of “BHAKTI YOGA” that are SYMBOLIZED in RAMANUJA’s “RING OF LOVE” and how is MOKSHA ultimately gained by the BHAKTA. Moksha refers to release from this world. Bhakti yoga is the discipline of divine love. Purpose of creation: the problem of evil is solved at the human level. You have the ability to choose between good karma and bad karma. At the macrocosmic level the SAMSARA extends into infinity and hence no purpose at the macrocosmic level. The purpose at the micro cosmic level is to gain MOKSHA and MU
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