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Lecture 1

ECE 1065 Lecture 1: I & I Dec 2

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Fall 2015

Health and Life Sciences
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 
 
 
 !!$&'
 (
 ("1!..2
 1""1!"1!$"&
+ 3"!&"!4'5#&&"6$
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Witness Interviews Quantity + Quality 1. Quantity 2. Different types Witness interviews help form RG Types of Line-ups:  We cannot force an individual to take part in a line up, he must give consent. 1. Live Line-up  live line-ups rarely occur anymore, but still exist 2. Photo Line-up  Sophonow Inquiry case where a guy killed a girl in a donut shop with twine  3 and a half years in jail, sent home with 2.5 million for a wrongful conviction  Determined that we have at least 10 people in a lineup 3x4 = 12 photos What Stavrous used for line-ups 2 types of identification: 1. Positive identification  100% sure 2. Qualified identification  not positive identification, not admissible 3. Video Line up  can be used in court (ex. Bank robbery video), must prove continuity from the moment it was seized. Video line-ups are used when the suspect refuses to be apart of a live line-up. You may take a video/measurements/pictures, this power given by the identification of criminals act. Process of line-ups  Show people sequentially the pictures to eliminate bias.  An officer who is not involved in the case should show the witness the line- up because we do not want the officer knowing who is guilty to eliminate narrowing questions  Officer who is showing the line-up will explain that they are not working on the case and that they do not know who the suspect is in the line-up, if you identify the person point him out to me  Flip the picture over and log the time that the photo was identified  Also log it in your notebook because you will be subpoenaed to court, if it is not in your notes it never happened.  The photos become physical evidence after identification of suspect by witness.  After recording the time of identification you will put it in an evidence bag and it will be used as physical evidence. Chain of custody/ continuity  making sure no one has altered with physical evidence. Interview process  You must not used leading questions  Leading Questions  a question that influences a certain answer. (Example Did you see the gun?) You are implying that there was a gun  (Example Did you see a gun?) Misleading Question  a confusing question that leads the witness to an answer. Say a suspect was 25 years old and you ask:  Was the suspect 60 years old? (WRONG)  How old was the suspect? (RIGHT) Closed ended questions  only focus on one fact in issue.  Used to clarify at the end of an interview (clarification at the end of an interview) Open ended questions  focus on multiple facts in issue, gives them the chance to say whatever they want. Order of Questions  bank robbery suspect, saw 2 p
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