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Lecture 1

2LA2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Heparin, Mlh1, Intravenous Sugar Solution

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Chris Pollock

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Intravenous Math Review
1. Give 800 ml of 2/3 and 1/3 intravenous fluid at
75 ml/hr. Calculate the completion time.
2. At 0700 you find 650ml remaining in the patient’s IV. It is infusing at 125ml/hr.
When will it be completely infused?
3. Doctor’s order reads: Ampicillin 1g IV q6h. The label reads Ampicillin 1 gm mix with
3.5ml of sterile water for a concentration of 250mg/ml. How many ml of solution will you
4. The order reads give 1500 ml of Normal Saline over the next 24 hours. The drip factor is
15gtt/ml. What is the drip rate?
5. The order reads give Cefuroxime 750mg q 8 h. The label on the bag reads
750mg/500ml to be infused over 4 hours. The drip factor is 10gtts/ml. What is the drip
6. Give 500 ml of D5W over 3.75 hrs. The drip factor is 60 gtt/ml. What is the drip rate?
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