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Lecture 8

BIOC 4701 Lecture 8: Notes 2016.01.28

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Biochem & Molecular Biology
Course Code
BIOC 4701
Bearne Stephen

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pH DEPENDENCE CF EN2ME kINETICS pka values of AA sde chains CoDH Glu (co H (4-CH) Thr R-ott). nly ON 2 side chains Toni. ed tr slabot Terse e prote be t Isse mathematta del kmetics pe Michaelis Menten mechanis HE HES Rosbe effects caused b ApH r. Change in the Toni atron stato of groups -inbred in aatalysio 2. change in the Tonixation state of gay binding 3. Change in the ionisation state of S d tha E. Despite having muuttiple Tanici plots of vs. pH cten trke the form of Tonizati To STmpity Dur kinet c analysis, we ma cidb 4 GTcups act as perfectly titrati Curve knit 2. only one ionic form of th e is active. Interreist 3 All Intermediates are in protonic equilibrium ie. atu Ht transfer are rapid relative to alemical steps rant Dati generally true A. Ante-determining step does ndt change C A true, but may break down LAT CHAT pH DEPENDENCE CF EN2ME kINETICS pka values of AA sde chains CoDH Glu (co H (4-CH) Thr R-ott). nly ON 2 side chains Toni. ed tr slabot Terse e prote be t Isse mathem
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